Tips for easing your transition to high school in Coomera

Tips for easing your transition to high school in Coomera

Entering high School can be a difficult time for most teens. It is one place where people actually find friends for life. However it is also a place which can be stressful for many young people. They may start feeling the pressure due to the social academic and personal issues which they might face at high school. It is therefore important to address these issues immediately so that they can be resolved and should not pose a problem in the future.

Tips from the student counselor at high school Coomera

  • Make sure that you stay in touch with your old school friends. This can be quite helpful till the time you actually start making new friends at high school. If possible try to form a support group by sitting with old friends during lunch breaks. This way you would be socializing and not feeling alone or awkward.
  • Be patient. Sometimes it can be difficult to make new friends immediately. It can take you quite a while to adjust to the routine and therefore form new friendships. Once you start getting familiar with your teachers and the work you can form friendships on common grounds.
  • You can even ask your student counsellor for help especially if you are struggling in the school in anyway. If you think that you cannot manage the workload or if you can’t find your way about the new school they would be able to help you.
  • Make sure that you participate in school activities. You could choose to go for the music society if there is a certain sport that you enjoy you can enroll yourself in the team.  This is one easy way of meeting new people who share interests which are similar to yours.
  • There are times when you might start feeling low, however you should focus on the positive aspects of being in High School. You can start taking part in different extra curricular activities to keep yourself busy. It is also one way of finding about the important things that you can do in High School and enjoy them as well.
  • It is also important that you give emphasis on being yourself instead of trying to impossible rating the more popular children. Nobody likes a show of and if you are pretending to be somebody you are not people eventually going to find out about that.
  • Try to keep up with your school work on a daily basis this way you will not fall behind and would have the notes ready for the next day at school. You should ask questions if there is something which is not clear to you.

The above mentioned a few important tips which all high schoolchildren should adhere to if they want to make the transition easier. Also there are certain things which should be given time. Try to keep yourself busy by exercising or by indulging in different activities so that you do not become anxious while facing problems.

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