Dance Education

Dance Education: The Best Place To Get It

You or your child might be considering dance education, why not? This is an activity that provides students with many benefits, not only learning the art of dancing but improving oneself in terms of many valuable aspects in life. Choosing the school to pursue dance education can be a very daunting task, but once you found the best one, you would never regret that you take time doing so.

The Best Place To Get Dance Education

Does the institution focus on what you (or your children) need?

Some schools or institutions have a hectic schedule of performances and competitions were they let their students participate; others may require their students to pursue formal examinations and tests in a specific syllabus. Some schools focuses more on informal approach were they prioritise fitness, creativity or enjoyment.

Know what the institution focuses or gives more importance on and see which amongst them is best suitable to your current goals in pursuing dance education.

You can do it in different way like:

  • Checking on their website and see what their school is up to
  • Ask around their previous students and see what they have accomplished enrolling in the school for dance education
  • You can ask directly the teachers or organisers on their curriculums and activities

What qualifications and experience does the school have?

Teachers play a huge role in providing dance education to students. Students pick up not only good but bad qualities, techniques and attitudes of their teachers. The first dance education they learn will be their foundation, like wrong techniques, which they will use as they pursue their career. Unfortunately, not all teachers are capable providing the right dance education, hence it is a must that you qualify them accordingly.

Qualifications should be, but not limited to:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • A safe and appropriate place for students to dance
  • Systematic understanding of safe and proper dance practice
  • Knowledge of work health and safety responsibilities and basic first aid
  • A joyful, nurturing and positive learning environment
  • Well defined assessment processes

Are they well informed and open for questionnaires?

A school that is well managed will keep students and parents informed about events, student progress, fees, and the like, and will make it easier for parents and students to ask questions.

Ask the teachers and organisers as much questions as possible and try to get recommendations and testimonials from other professionals and parents.

Questions possible to ask:

  • What are the school’s objectives and aims of their school?
  • Do they participate highly in development activities and courses for dance education?
  • How are they assessing students?
  • Are they following safe dance procedures?

And other questions that can help you assess whether the school is the right one for your dance education goals or you need to look somewhere else.