Art Education

Art education is an important part of any child’s overall education.  The many benefits of art education far outweigh any thoughts about cutting the arts from schools. Children have so much to learn to become functioning adults and art is a great way to teach our children how to do this.

  1. Developmental Benefits

Every child has developmental milestones they should meet by certain ages. Fine motor skills have to be developed in stages.  Once a stage is met then next goal is worked toward. By age 3, a child should know how to draw circles and begin to use safety scissors. By age 4, a child should be drawing squares and cut straight lines with scissors. Using scissors to create art improves the dexterity children needs for writing.

  1. Language Development

Art creation provides children with opportunities to learn words relating to colors, shapes, and even emotions. When children see artwork they may begin to feel emotions not felt before. That is when the opportunity to teach arises for parents and teachers.

  1. Decision Making

When one begins to make art there has to be decisions made.  These decisions include colors to use, brushes to use, or even what to color or paint. When children are creating art they have to make these decisions as well. The more they practice the better the child will ge with these decisions, therefore making them adults who are able to make good decisions.

  1. Visual Learning

Visual – spatial skills are learned through the creation of art.  When a child draws, sculpts, or even threads beads on a string they are developing their visual-spatial skills.  In today’s world toddlers can use smartphones and tablets.  To use these devices they have to follow visual cues and take in visual information. Children learn interpretation, how to critique, and use visual information to make decisions.  An example in our world is marketing logos.  How are our children going to learn this without art?

  1. Inventiveness

Our children have to learn to develop a sense of innovation.  Following the rules is important but our children need to also know how to become people who can seek new ways and development improvements for the old ways.

  1. Cultural Awareness

Children and adults both need to understand that what they see in art is may be the artist’s interpretation of reality.  Through art education they realize the artist’s choices in portraying an artist.

It is well known that students who have access to art education are going to have improved academic performance.  They develop a sense of expression and self-reflection.  Students can grow with the attributes of confidence, perseverance, focus, and accountability. They will know how to collaborate with others.  All points discussed are important to growth and development of our children.